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    EFT Tapping

    EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) uses your own body’s energy system to release blockages created by negative thought patterns. 

    There are many people who use EFT tapping as a natural alternative to assist with their concentration, physical pain, emotional distress and weight loss.

    In the same way that hypnosis and EMDR are able to offer healing benefits outside of traditional therapies, EFT can help you overcome trauma and find a healthy state of balance in your life once more.

    During a typical EFT session we will focus on a specific issue while tapping on end points of your body’s energy meridians.

    In this way, EFT is rather like ‘do it yourself’ acupuncture – minus the needles. 

    As an experienced EFT practitioner I have been doing EFT with clients for 14 years; many reporting feelings of immediate relief as well as the reassurance and comfort that comes with knowing you have a tool you can use any time you need it.

    EFT works especially well for those who have experienced a trauma of some kind, although it can also be useful for those suffering from anxiety, low body confidence, or those seeking to lose weight.

    Why do people choose me?

    • I have over 14 years of experience in Emotional Freedom Therapy.
    • I am one of Sydney’s most well-regarded practitioners of EFT.
    • I ensure that every client is treated with care, diligence, empathy and respect.
    • I provide an individual treatment tailored to your health needs.
    • As your EFT therapist I approach each new client with an open mind and without any preconceptions or theories in mind.
    • My solutions are of the highest standard, with all possibilities explored.

    Explore my other services


    I can help you to free yourself from unhelpful beliefs, habits or negative thought patterns with the use of Ericksonian hypnosis. This method allows us to create a script together, using words and phrases that have meaning for you, facilitating a way to loosen blocks you may have to change or to help with pain management. Hypnosis allows us to engage fully with your mind, bringing the underlying causes of relationship dysfunction to your conscious awareness, where we can work towards resolving them.

    Individual Relationship Counselling

    I have extensive experience and training in many areas of the counselling field, however my speciality is working with individuals who are experiencing relationship pain, whether with partners, or with various family members or even within friendships. Providing insights into the dynamics of your relationship, learn to apply an assertiveness that takes care of both your needs and the needs of your relationship. When relationships become unbalanced, it can be beneficial to attend a session on your own.

    Couples Counselling

    I work with couples who are experiencing negative and destructive patterns of communicating and help them develop the skills for forming and maintaining healthy and loving relationships. I also work with couples who have committed to a relationship and want to learn how to make it work as well as they can. Whether you and your partner are arguing more often, find your relationship has lost its spark, or there is a major difference in opinion across cultural, racial or financial aspects, couples counselling can help you reconnect with your partner and in many cases leave with a stronger bond.

    Emotional Freedom Therapy

    Developed from Thought Field Therapy by psychologist Roger Callahan, this is an energetic therapy which uses our body’s energy system to release blockages created by negative thought patterns. We release these by tapping on acupressure points throughout the body, rather like ‘do it yourself’ acupuncture, without the needles. I have been doing EFT with my clients for 14 years and many report feelings of immediate relief as well as the reassurance and comfort that comes with knowing you have a tool you can use any time you need it. EFT works especially well for those who have experienced a trauma of some kind


    I offer meditation practice and instruction for those who are interested in learning more about themselves and who wish to foster an increased ability to self soothe and relax, using various breathing techniques. Creating awareness of your surroundings, meditation encourages you to see your partner’s needs more clearly, helping you work towards common ground. Teaching forgiveness, developing gratitude, spreading positivity, and bringing contentment, meditation can help keep you connected with your partner.


    Psychotherapy offers you the chance to understand how your current problems stand on the shoulders of your history, in your family of origin relationships and throughout your childhood and young adult life. It gives you the chance to uncover patterns and themes that endure to this day and contribute to the triggers you experience in your relationship with others. Reduce stress, feel better, and work towards achieving your personal goals.

    Getting started with EFT

    Step One –  Book a free 10 minute phone consultation

    Taking the first step to attend counselling can be a challenge.

    Convenient, flexible and with your needs in mind, let’s chat about your expectations and concerns in a complimentary 10 minute phone consultation.

    Step Two –  Make an Appointment

    If you choose to go ahead and book a counselling session we’ll arrange a time that’s suitable to you and your partner (if applicable).

    As a safe and transparent space my consulting room is private, tranquil, and completely confidential.

    With your privacy my priority, there are no notes unless requested, with any notes taken yours to access at all times.

    As an experienced counsellor it is my goal to equip you with the skills to overcome your obstacles in the real world, not to stay in the cycle of counselling long-term.

    What are you dealing with?


    Chronic anxiety if untreated can be extremely uncomfortable and difficult to live with. 

    The constant feeling of fear that many people experience can be debilitating and on many occasions negatively affect the quality of their lives. 

    Using emotional freedom techniques for anxiety has worked in many cases to reduce the negative feelings reported by the client, and has enabled them to calm themselves in situations that might otherwise have been too much. 

    Weight loss

    If you’re seeking to slim down a couple of jean sizes, EFT can be a truly effective means of achieving this. 

    The desire to lose weight is perfectly normal, and the vast majority of us feel at least sometimes that we would like to be a little leaner. 

    EFT can unblock positive energy pathways around your body, and allow you to gain the confidence and the motivation you need to lose weight

    Low body confidence

    Of course, everyone’s body is different, and everybody is beautiful in their own right. 

    But if low body confidence is something you struggle with, EFT can help to draw out positive energy that may be blocked inside you. 

    With enough counselling, your self-image will begin to transform, and you will view your body in ways you never have before

    Suffering from past trauma

    Considering you live long enough, you’re most likely going to experience some significant stressful event.

    The reality is bad things happen to everyone.

    It’s nobody’s fault; it’s just a part of life. 

    If an awful event has caused you to have lasting distress and a dent in your mental health, EFT is a great choice for helping to improve your happiness, contentment, and your ability to live in the present moment rather than worrying about the past.

    Emotional freedom techniques can help you. 

    For decades, EFT has been viewed by practitioners as an effective means of treating various personal problems, with hundreds of books, articles and self-help videos developed for you to access.


    For family reasons I have had to relocate to Newcastle for 12 months so I am taking my practice online.

    Benefits of EFT

    It is extremely simple and effective to learn and use Improving athletic performance, focus and coordination
    It is self-administered Reduce muscular tension and joint pain
    It may provide a means of self-relaxation which can be used in everyday life Reduce muscular tension and joint pain
    It may promote confidence It may reduce stress
    There are many reports of an almost instant sense of relief when the practice is applied It may minimize food cravings
    It may provide the ability to handle negative emotions and thought patterns more effectively It has no negative side effects

    How EFT tapping works

    How does EFT work?

    EFT works by having the client focus on a negative issue – a past trauma or a negative self-image, for example – and then begin to tap on endpoints of the body’s energy meridian passages. 

    The procedure then requires the participant to rate the intensity of their emotions associated with their negative thoughts on a scale of one to ten.

    They will then repeat the statements – with a positive focus – while tapping or, in some cases, rubbing key parts of the body. 

    While tapping wrists, studies have found that a steady rhythm tapped out can actually slow the heart rate, as though the heart itself were slowing down to match the rhythm being tapped out.

    As the tapping begins to take effect, the participant will then reassess their 1-10 score, repeating the process as the number lowers and the participant calms, until the number stops decreasing.

    Emotional freedom techniques use energy meridian points around the body to unblock pathways and allow positive thinking. EMDR uses movement of key body parts as a method of calming and reducing the impact of past traumas and present anxieties. The science behind the two methods is different, with EMDR being closer to cognitive behavioural therapy in its use of training the mind to react in a certain was to stimulation. EFT is less about a learned or trained response, but in utilising pathways that already exist within the body and mind. EFT and EMDR can be used separately or in conjunction, and different personalities will have varying success with each method.
    From as little as one session, you can begin to apply the tapping techniques in your daily routines. You may notice your heart rate slow from its anxious level and feel a sense of control and level-headedness ease back to the present moment. I welcome clients to attend as many sessions as they feel necessary to learn the tapping techniques and offer continual guidance during this process.
    After surveying 448 EFT practitioners to gather information on their experiences with PTSD treatment, most practitioners (63%) reported that even complex PTSD can be remediated in 10 or fewer EFT sessions. Some 65% of practitioners found that more than 60% of PTSD clients are fully rehabilitated, and 89% stated that less than 10% of clients make little or no progress. Practitioners combined EFT with a wide variety of other approaches, especially cognitive therapy. Practitioner responses, evidence from the literature, and the results of a meta-analysis were aggregated into a proposed clinical guideline. EFT when combined with another support means such as cognitive therapy has the ability to help PTSD.
    For detailed pricing structures please reach out and contact me directly. I offer complimentary 10 minute consultations at no extra cost, so there is always help available when you need it.